Audio Research service list

MUSICAL FIDELITY in Los Angeles is a factory-authorized service and warranty repair station for AUDIO RESEARCH (ARC) products. MUSICAL FIDELITY offers in-warranty and out-of-warranty service, including custom upgrades.

Audio Research (ARC)

Audio Research (ARC)

AUDIO RESEARCH (ARC) equipment service list includes:

“SP” are Audio Research preamps.
“LS” are Audio Research Line-Stage-Only Preamps.
“Ref Phono” , “PH”, and “Ref Anniversary” are Audio Research Phono Preamps.
“Ref 1-7” are Audio Research Line Stage Preamps.
“CD” are Audio Research CD players.
“DAC” are Audio Research D/A converters.
“D”, “VT”, “VS”, “VSi”, “CL”, “M”, and “ST” are Audio Research amplifiers.
“M” indicates Audio Research Mono Block Amplifier.
The “i” in VSi indicates Audio Research Integrated Amplifier.

100, 100.2, 150.2, 300.2, CD-1, CD-2, CD-2 MKII, CD-3 MKII, CD-5, CL-120, CL-150, CL-150 MKII, CL-30, CL-60, D-100, D-110, D-115, D-115 MKII, D-120, D-125, D-130, D-150, D-160, D-200, D-200, D-250, D-250 MKII, D-250 MKII servo, D-40, D-400, D-400, D-400 MKII, D-50, D-52, D-70, D-70 MKII, D-75, D-75A, D-76, D-76A, D-76B, D-79, D-79A, D-79B, D-79C, D-90, D-90B, DAC 1, DAC 2, DAC 3, DAC 3 MKII, DAC 5, DAC 7, DAC 8, DAC 9, DS-225, DS-450, Dual-400, EC-2, EC-21, EC-22, EC-2A, EC-3, EC-4, EC-5, HD-220, HF-30, LS-1, LS-10, LS-10 MKII, LS-12, LS-15, LS-16, LS-16 MKII, LS-17, LS-2, LS-22, LS-25, LS-25 MKII, LS-26, LS-27, LS-3, LS-3B, LS-5, LS-7, LS-8, LS-8 MKII, LS-9, M-100, M-300, M-300 MKII, M-60, MCP-1, MCP-2, MCP-3, MCP-33, PH-1, PH-2, PH-3, PH-3SE, PH-5, PH-6, PH-7, PH-8, Ref 1, Ref 2, Ref 2 MKII, Ref 210, Ref 3, Ref 300, Ref 300 MKII, Ref 5, Ref 600, Ref 600 MKII, Ref 610T, Ref Anniversary, Ref CD-7, Ref CD-8, Ref phono, Ref phono 2, Ref-110, SD-135, SP-10, SP-10 MKII, SP-11, SP-11 MKII, SP-14, SP-15, SP-16, SP-16L, SP-17, SP-17L, SP-2, SP-3, SP-3A, SP-3A1, SP-3C, SP-4, SP-5, SP-6, SP-6A, SP-6A1, SP-6B, SP-6C, SP-6C1, SP-6E, SP-6E1, SP-8, SP-8 MKII, SP-9, SP-9 MKII, SP-9 MKIII, ST-70 C2, ST-70 C3, V-140, V-150, V-35, V-70, VM-220, VS-110, VS-220, VS-55, VSi-55, VT-100, VT-100 MKII, VT-100 MKIII, VT-130, VT-130 SE, VT-200, VT-200 MKII, VT-50, VT-60, VTM-120, VTM-200

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